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Tray Knives

You already have a tray knife but you’ll like to have a new one made. But you don’t have the mold for the knife, the horror. What to do? Call Wensing. We have the ability to reproduce a knife from just a drawing or a specimen. We ensure a high quality reproduction in which even the slightest details have not been overseen and all with a short production time.

Wensing offers tray knives in several sizes,  and for different brands as Sealpack, Ilpra, Mondini, Caveco, Reepack etc.

The knives are produced from RVS and could also be coated in order to stop sticking to the blade or to achieve a longer life span.

By offering high quality tray knives the clients of Wensing have been able to achieve:

  • Higher product quality
  • Less production interruptions
  • Less waste
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower costs
Tray Knives


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