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A problem that often occurs when slicing meat or cheese is that the slices will stick to the blade. Wensing offers the solution for this problem in offering slicers with a special Teflon coating. The occurrence of slices sticking to the blade is thus decreased to an absolute minimum. No wonder the solution is a huge success in the world famous Dutch cheese industry.

During the maintenance of the slicers it is possible to have the Teflon coating renewed.

Circular saw blades are used in cutting a wide diversity of products. From the processing and cutting in slaughterhouses to the cutting and preparing on packaging lines. From meat and cheese to foil, carton and tile rugs.

The product for which the blade is used will determine it’s hardness, diameter, thickness and steel quality.

Looking for a blade that fulfils your every need? Tell us about your usability wishes and Wensing will supply the blade solution.


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